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With an overflow of Iranian immigrants coming to Canada beginning in the eighties and the unfamiliarity most of them have with Canada and the new environment, it is a necessity to familiarize themselves with their new country and at the same time keep protect and promote the Iranian culture. Which is why there is an obvious need for an Iranian community center.
Due to these needs in 1986 the basis of the Iranian Community Association was established. With the goal of providing the needs of newcomers from Iran and giving life to Iranian Culture and Art also the Farsi language . In that year an assembly of Iranian immigrants, the Founding Member of the Iranian Association, consisting of Writers, Academia, Progressive Thinkers, Managers and Business Owners was Established.
After long discussions and several meetings the Founding Members submitted the first Articles of Association and Bylaws to the general meeting of the many Iranian immigrants. In the suggested Articles of Association the following Articles were emphasized: protection and promotion of national Iranian Culture, establishment of Farsi language classes for young and juvenile Iranians, celebration of national days for promoting and make young Iranians familiar with their rich heritage, founding vocational classes and workshops for preparing the young Iranians and new immigrants for the job market.
After long discussions the general assembly approved the Articles of Association and Bylaws of Iranian Community Association of Ontario in 12 sections and 59 articles. The assembly then elected the first Board of Directors.The registration of the Association was the first task of the Board of Directors. Settlement of immigrants and refugees, preparing and translating their documents for submitting to Proper Canadian organizations were the task of the Board of Directors.
On the 23 rd of March 1988 , the Iranian Community Association of Ontario was formally registered and incorporated as an independent, non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization, bound to observance of human rights and Canadian Laws.
The Iranian Community Association of Ontario during the past 24 years of existence has passed many ups and downs and did have many problems and difficulties inherent to most new inexperienced Immigrants, and at same time has been able to serve Iranians, particularly refugees and newcomers to Canada; and have had great shares in promoting and recognizing the Iranian Culture and Arts to other Canadian Communities.
Since November 2003 a new team of Board of Directors was elected at the General Meetings by Members of the Association, and they have made great strides to activate and rejuvenate the Iranian Community Association of Ontario, and have been to a great extent successful. On January 23 rd 2005 the Especial General Assembly approved an amended new Articles of Association and Bylaws .The election of Board of Directors are due in April 2005.