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To construct closer relation among Iranian, by exchange of cultural and social activities and extension of cooperation among them by celebrating cherished Iranian national days, providing Farsi language classes to educate and acquaint young Iranian with Iranian arts and cultureTo offer educational facilities for getting a better access to job market by providing vocational workshops and English classesTo exchange Iranian culture with other Canadian ethnics’ cultures, promote and introduce Iranian culture and arts to other Canadian communitiesTo help Iranian new comers in their settlement and guide them to facilities and wellbeing possibilities in CanadaTo increase the general information of Iranian in Canada and recognition of their rights and responsibilities
Celebrating Iranian national days such as:
• Nowruoz,Iranian new year ,first day of spring around 21 st day of March
• Mehregan,fall festival around end of September
• Yalda night,winter festival ,the longest night of the year,around 21st of December

• English: classes for new commers and beginners,two hours per week
• English: classes for preperation of tofel exams.with cooperation by Neighberhood Link
•Computer: Teaching computer basics for beginners by cooperation of Neighberhood Link
•Painting class: Painting instruction in all levels from beginners to very advanced by a professional instructor two to three hours a week on Saturdays
•Electricity class and workshop: This course is suitable for persons interested in obtaining certificate of CQ-309A Electrician license/ Construction & Maintenance of Ontario . This workshop is thought in theory as well as practically, the teaching language is in Farsi but the course material are in English. Knowledge of basic electricity is essential. The duration of this class about four months, 3 hours per week and fee for it is $300.00
•Construction and building renovation: For persons interested in increasing their technical skills in construction, building renovation, and decoration or increase their job opportunities. The course instructor is highly regarded professional .Duration of this course is two and half months,3hours per week, fee for it is $200.00